Overheard In Class

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Sometimes hilarious or glorious or sad things get said in class. They're my favorite.

  • "I'm not comfortable with this." - Dan, on the first day of TDD.
  • "Stick a binding.pry there." - Sumeet, every day all the time.
  • "What's 'TDD'?" - Cara and Kate ... "Test-Driven Development" - Sumeet ... "So what we were doing all day then. DANG." - Kait
  • "Wait. Do we need this at all?" - Lochlan, during the Bowling TDD lab.
  • "Aw man. Take a breath. Feels good, doesn't it? BRUTE FORCE." - Kait
  • "It's almost like I learned something this week!" - Kait
  • "What is BOWLING. Why do people PLAY IT." - Kait
  • double fist pump - Todd
  • joyful giggle "Thank you God." - John

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