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The Omaha Code School Wiki is a project created through the efforts of Cara Heacock, Matt Hova, and Andy von Dohren for Omaha Code School. The wiki is currently hosted on Heroku.


Heacock, Hova, and von Dohren are current students at Omaha Code School and had previously collaborated on one other project. This project focused on a university app to track terms, classes, teachers, students, and grades.

For OCS's next major project, they remained in the same group and were allowed to choose what they wanted to create. They decided to focus on creating an Omaha Code School wiki.

Heacock was self-elected project manager and also did nearly all of the front-end development. Hova and von Dohren coded almost all of the back-end, with Hova focusing on user functions and von Dohren on articles and updates.

The first version of the Omaha Code School Wiki was started on March 24, 2014, and launched on March 27, 2014.

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