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Omaha Code School (OCS) turns beginners into hireable web developers in 12 weeks. That means you learn much, much more than "how to code". You'll learn how to think like a software engineer. And you will build real products using ultramodern technologies that you often teach yourself as you go, like you would in the workplace.


Omaha Code School was founded by Sumeet Jain and Rahul Gupta in December 2013.

Inaugural Class

The first OCS class began Monday, February 24th, 2014 with a class of 14 students. The inaugural class is still in session with 13 students, and their graduation date will be Friday, May 16th.

  1. Cara Heacock
  2. Lochlan Hehr
  3. Kaitlyn Hova
  4. Matt Hova
  5. Johnathon Lueth
  6. Yofred Moik
  7. Todd Nichols
  8. Brandon Norris
  9. Jonathan Preston
  10. Jay Shaw
  11. Michael Todd
  12. Andy von Dohren
  13. Daniel Wells
  14. Britt Woolf

Future Classes

OCS currently plans to continue holding classes, but not at its current location at Midtown Crossing. The next class, which will run from July 28 - Oct 17, 2014, is likely to be located in downtown Omaha.

Supporting Employers

Swanson Russell is a full-service communications agency with specialized focus in Outdoor Recreation, Green/Turf, Agribusiness, Health Care, Construction and Regional brands.

Flywheel is a premium WordPress hosting company built specifically for designers, freelancers and creative agencies. Launch WordPress sites quickly and easily with Flywheel's managed WordPress hosting platform.

Lyconic is a web applications development start-up specializing in business solutions.

Lemonly makes data easier to understand. From infographics to videos to interactive design, they help turn lemons to lemonade.

Big Wheel Brigade is a product and custom software development shop with an eye on social good.

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